About the Author

As a Christian educator caught up in pornography and gay interests, I assumed there was no way out; arrested and cast aside by my church family and those close to me. Then, at my lowest, the Lord rescued me and commissioned me to share my testimony with others who have been rejected and forsaken. He said to tell them of His love.A retired civil servant, I reside in upstate New York; my passions-reading, writing, bicycling, and being a servant sharing my story to reach others who have lost their way. The Lord made it clear to Write the vision and make it plain. You will begin snatching people out of the clay, the muck, and the mire by embracing those erroneous lifestyles. I have expanded your consciousness; therefore, share what you have learned. They will listen to you when they don’t listen to others. You will speak to millions. Make certain you give them the unadulterated Biblical word.